Growthroom FINAL- coaching and training


Quickly after meeting with Kasvuhuone founders, we discussed about their marketing strategy and target audience. We identified that their main customers were not Finnish-speaking and we decided to changed the Brand name to the English version of "Kasvuhuone" which is "Growthroom".

Growthroom provides coaching and training services to people and organisations to help them live life with a BOOST!

One of their main difficulties was to find their place within the growing competitions of professional coaching training & services in Europe.

One of our first approach was to entirely redesign their website to give them the freedom and possibility to effortlessly update their online content with Wix. We also changed the URL to match with the new brand, and activated SSL encryption for their online shop both for security reason and give peace of mind to their customers. Formerly on Shopify, we transferred their online shop to the Wix platform to stop their transaction fees and make it easy to manage all their online presence in one platform only. (Previously they had to juggle between WordPress, Shopify and Mailchimp constantly)

The new website have been launch in March 2019 and we achieved to reach a 12,1% conversion rate within the first three months following the website launch campaign, which represent a 168% increase compare to their previous online shop.

Thanks to consistent SEO efforts during the whole duration of our project, and with some local SEO planning, we managed to rank their website #1 for the search "Professional coaching & training services", "coaching certification helsinki", "coaching services helsinki" and "coaching training helsinki", which allows them to drive traffic to their website entirely for free with the right target audience.