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In a decor of wood from old fishing boats and other sharp, MIM, diminutive of '' Made In Mediterranean '', offers more than 1000 articles inspired by the Mediterranean culture, from the Gulf of Lion, to the European shores, through some countries of North Africa.​

90% of the wood used in the realisation of their shop is recycled & more than 80% of their products collection are made by local craftsmen.

We created a website 100% focused on online sales to allow the MIM existing customers to continue purchasing their favorite local product online wherever they are. Indeed MIM boutique being situated near the port of Marseille, most of their clientele are tourists and passing visitors. Therefore the role of their e-commerce is crucial for their business. We achieved to generate  more than 30% of their sales from the online shop.

The online shop highlight all the products at the center of the user experience, with a focus on the authenticity and simplicity. Indeed, MIM is one of the only boutique in Southern France to provide products from the last remaining true Marseille soap companies.