How BERTOLI Digital came to life after I got struck by the reality of existing website agencies.

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Hi, my name is Rémy Bertoli, I am the founder of BERTOLI Digital, Finland's first certified Wix Expert & Wix Partner agency, and this is my story:

Since my teenage years, as soon as I got access to my very first computer, I started to be really intrigued by "The Internet". Born in 1993, you can call me digital-native, Millennial or even generation Y, but the thing is: I fell in love with all things Digital! I started really early on creating websites and online content, it was my way to express my creativity. I used to play the guitar regularly as a kid but it was quickly overcome by my time jumbling with my computer.

That said, the results were far different from what I am doing nowadays – thankfully for the both of us😅– from my first travel blog, to my DJing website through some school clubs and project websites, I was making a website for anything and everything as soon as I had the opportunity to do so! The interesting fact about it, is that I didn't know anything about coding and web-development, and I still don't to this day! (except just a few basics...)

So why am I here talking about my teenage story and what's the link with how I built a Digital Marketing agency specialised in marketing websites, right?

Around 2005, I found out about this free software called "Cariboost 2.0", and I discovered my first ever HTML visual editor - in other words, a no code website builder. That means I was basically already hacking my way into web design!

You can see how it looked like on this picture: it is basically a visual editor where you can drag and drop your content on top of a free canva. It was as easy as creating a powerpoint.

So how did that get me started?

Fast forward to the beginning of 2019, after working in a leading agency in website design in Helsinki, and collaborating with major digital agencies in Finland for several years, I identified one issue encountered by the overwhelming majority of my former Clients:

They can't independently and sufficiently update or use their own website. That's most likely how they felt when trying to update their website:

In today's world, where the marketing landscape has never been changing so fast, it is a necessity to be able to react fast to changes, to be able to update your website's content regularly, create a landing page for your next campaign in a jiffy, etc.

So why is it that most of existing websites agency's Clients can't sufficiently update or use their own website?

It's rather simple actually, their website has been developed and designed on top of a CMS such as WordPress for example, and most of the CMS available on the market require a minimum of technical knowledge and some training, as these tools have been built for professional Developers and not for the general public – they are not user friendly. Doing so, most of the project end up being rather static – the website stays as it was when delivered by an agency. This is a big issue when we know that nowadays search engine such as Google, ranks websites higher and better when they are updated and revised more frequently.

Your website is your most important business card for your potential customers. It is your central tool and platform for all marketing related actions. Therefore, you should be able to take control of your online presence and easily update your website without getting a headache or waiting for weeks for your request to be executed by an external service provider. It is in this state of mind that BERTOLI Digital was born.

That is why I decided earlier this year to team up with some of my amazing creative friends, to be able to offer 360° Digital Solutions that are tailored for individuals, startups and SMEs, who need to create a stunning website at reasonable prices while being able to update their content effortlessly and independently.

BERTOLI Digital specialises in Wix websites. Today, Wix is ​​one of the most important players in the website publisher market, it hosts no less than 140 million websites!

Wix has soared in popularity in recent years and boasts a ton of fans to position itself as one of the best website builder on the market to date. And as you've guessed it, it requires absolutely zero, none, ei ollenkaan, nada, aucun,... technical knowledge from your side, for it is the most user friendly website builder to date!

We also wanted to be able to assist our Clients with a full scope of digital services to help them grow their online presence. That is why we offer 360° Digital Marketing services from Growth Marketing consultation through Creative Copywriting to Video Production.

Thank you for reading through my story, I hope you enjoyed it. If I triggered your interest and you would like to know more or have some questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

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