Why you should have a Wix website, and why you shouldn't!

BERTOLI Digital specialises in Wix websites. Today, Wix is ​​one of the most important players in the website publisher market, it hosts no less than 140 million websites!

Wix has soared in popularity in recent years, and boasts a ton of fans to position itself as one of the best website builder on the market to date.

Wix gives us total freedom to design any kind of website for youno matter what you need.

It’s also the place where you can manage your entire brand or business online. It gives you all the tools & features you need for your online presence in one place. You don't need to juggle anymore between your email marketing campaign tool, your visual social media post editor and your CRM: Wix has it all in one place for you!

Before going any further, check out our live demo on HOW EASY it is to update your website with Wix compare to all the other solutions to date:

Get peace of mind. Wix provides top-grade, reliable hosting & security for your website and it's included in your plan!

With Wix, it’s easy for people to find your website on Google, leading search engines & local directories. Wix gives us the tools we need to effectively optimize your website for search engines.

Easily manage your professional online store. Keep 100% of your sales. No commission.

With Wix we are able to create sites in 50% less time than other agencies as we mostly skip the development part in 95% of our projects. (We can go from start to finish with a project in a week if our schedule allows it.) Therefore we can focus on delivering beautiful design (UI/UX) and you don't have to pay a high cost to obtain stunning result, as you skip most of the development hours!

Funny fact: Our own website has been designed in less than one day!

We believe only in 100% genuine and transparent relationship with our clients, as you might have seen already we have a 0% bullshit policy, and we have nothing to hide from: our website projects start at around 1000€ and range around 5000€ for the more complex and demanding ones.

No need to update your site either, Wix does it automatically on the backend for you, so you can forget about this extra monthly maintenance fees!

Security-wise? Wix sites have never been hacked, ok let me say that again: IT HAS NEVER BEEN HACKED! and they regularly hire White Hat hackers to attempt to break in and have yet to be defeated.

If you are still not convinced you can watch below this short one minute video to learn about 5 additional facts that will justify why Wix is the right choice for you:

In order to meet the different needs of our customers, we have created a simple comparative table so that all our customers can make a thoughtful choice before jumping in their web-project, and estimate the final cost of the project as well as the associated recurring costs.

As we are Wix certified Partner Agency, all our clients benefits from priority support – When you have an issue with Wordpress you have to hire someone or spend hours crawling internet message boards to find the issue and resolve it – You can now get fast, efficient tech support whenever you need it. Wix's support agents will answer your questions right away.

Also you can benefit from our exclusive 30% discount on your Wix subscription plan if you are one of our Client, and this does not just apply for your first year, it applies forever...YES you read it right!

So what are you waiting to create a stunning Wix website?

"You didn't cover the why you shouldn't get a Wix website part in your article" some would say! Well if you don't recognise yourself in the description above, and think that all of those features describes previously don't bring you any added value compared to your current website solution, then you are part of the few that shouldn't get a Wix website... otherwise Welcome to the Wix community 😃!