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Learn how we redesigned the only French chocolatier's in Finland's website and were able to increase their traffic by 150% thanks to a really minimalstic yet sophisticated and delicious design.

Petra is a solopreneur, having started off as an interest and hobby in her childhood, over the years creating chocolates and sweets for a living became Petra’s dream. Petra pursued her passion and in 2011 she joined the prestigious CFA Livron sur Drôme school to become a Chocolatier. Having passed a two year degree in just one, Petra graduated in 2012 with her CAP Chocolatier/Confiseur diploma, making her the only French qualified chocolatier in Finland, to date.

We went from this original WordPress site:

To this Wix website and e-shop:

Outside of the total shift in design and UX, it is really important to note that Petra is nowadays able to easily update her online shop with new batch of products or limited edition such as the seasonal Christmas calendar or easter eggs.

Wix wast the perfect solution for Petra to be able to effortlessly manage her online presence while being able to focus most of her time on her passion: making delicious chocolates pralines.

And if that was not already enough to make this a successful project, here are a short summary of what we were able to achieve three months after the launch:

  • brand new revenue stream for Pralina Chocolaterie by opening their online shop

  • 10% of all sales on average are happening online

  • 150% increase in website traffic 

  • 370% increase in time spent on  

If you too wish to have a simple and effortless way to open your online shop and optimize your online presence, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss more about your project.

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